Today Efren, Michael, and Ted finalized the sale of Cardsphere Inc. to Space Cow Media, whom you know from EDHREC, Archidekt, Commander's Herald, Commander Spellbook, and other fine CCG products.

2 Min Read

How do you know if you've received a counterfeit card when print variance is higher than ever? Ted discusses this and the ways Cardsphere helps protect you.

5 Min Read

After a long year and half things are getting back to normal. For Cardsphere users, this means finally returning to our original shipping timelines.

2 Min Read

Cardsphere staff and community pick their favorite cards in Strixhaven. This time around, we invited sponsored creator Mythic Mikaela and longtime user B Ray / David Rincon Ksido to share their thoughts.

6 Min Read

Doug Lopes stands in for Joseph, battling Lynch, Evan Ferrante and Jeremy Garcia. Which Commander wins -- Ur-Dragon, Syr Konrad, Moldrotha or The Gitrog Monster?

3 Min Read