Holiday Shipping Update

Ted Rodney • November 6, 2022

Each year Cardsphere updates our shipping timelines to account for what is traditionally slower mail during the busy holiday season. Packages shipped after November 1st will be alotted an extra week to arrive before any ruling is made on an associated dispute. Where ordinarily we'd ask that disputes be opened for domestic packages after two weeks and international after four weeks, disputes should instead be opened after three and five weeks. Disputes for late/lost mail are kept open for a week after this point before a ruling is made, as normal.

Shipped Open Domestic Dispute Open International Dispute Wait Time
Oct 31st and earlier After two weeks After four weeks One week
Nov 1st and later After three weeks After five weeks One week

As always, you can still open a dispute anytime if you are concerned about something. This might happen if you can't get a response from a trade partner after a message or two, for example. But please otherwise follow the guidelines above.

We don't always have the same end date for "holiday hours" as we make our decision to revert to normal timelines based on how well the mail is returning to normal after Christmas. You can expect it mid- to late-January, however.

We hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season this year, folks.

Efren, Michael & Ted