For over a year Cardsphere has been running with extended timelines for shipping due to the combined effects of COVID-19 and changes to the United States Postal Service. We've been keeping our eyes on the data and believe we can finally return to our original timelines.

Type Open Dispute Additional Wait Total
Domestic 2 weeks 1 week 3 weeks
International 4 weeks 1 week 5 weeks

As always, sellers must ship cards within 3 mail business days. A warning to open a dispute will appear on the buyer's Receiving menu 7 days after the package was committed, if it has not been shipped.

Otherwise, disputes for late arrivals should be opened after 2 weeks on domestic packages or 4 weeks for international packages. After the dispute is opened, admins will generally provide an additional week for late mail, but may take other actions depending on the circumstances.

It also looks like things are returning to normal usage levels after a long period of somewhat reduced activity. We hit a new high water mark for dollar amount in transit (over $78K) and are seeing a return to unique senders per day over 200, which we have not seen since before the pandemic hit. Let's keep this going folks – remember you can get free Premium using the referral link on your Settings page, and Tweets showing off the good stuff you're getting in the mail really help as well!

We'll continue to monitor the situation to make sure the timeline changes are not premature, and as always will consider all feedback provided via or in our Discord.

Happy trading everyone, and thanks so much to everyone who kept grinding during the last year and a half! Where other marketplaces shut down, the Cardsphere community kept going strong!

Efren, Michael & Ted.