Cardsphere Acquired by EDHREC

Ted Rodney • August 31, 2023

Did you guess correctly?

Today Efren, Michael, and Ted finalized the sale of Cardsphere Inc. to Space Cow Media, whom you know from EDHREC, Archidekt, Commander's Herald, Commander Spellbook, and other fine CCG products. We're very happy that Cardsphere is joining Space Cow's ecosystem of products, and feel very confident that we found the right people to bring Cardsphere to the next level. You can read their announcement here.

Although there is cause for celebration, we also want to make sure that everyone understands how the transition will take place, and what to expect from the new owners.

When does the transition take place?

Cardsphere changes hands on November 1st, 2023. So, keep your eye out for the yearly "Cardsfear" logo to appear because when it's gone, so are Ted, Michael, and Efren.  Well, sort of.. Michael and Efren are staying on through the transition period but once the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, Cardsphere will be backed by the new owners.  As promised, all cash out requests made prior to this point will be fulfilled by the original ownership.

What changes should I expect?

Nothing substantial, at least at first.  As part of the sale, Space Cow Media has agreed to continue using Cardsphere's existing code of conduct and privacy policies, and there will be a months-long transition period where Michael and Efren will be working with SCM to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership (yes, you still have time to tell Efren about missing cards.)  We can't promise there won't be hiccups but we can assure you we are committed to doing everything we can to help mitigate any problems that arise in this process.

These hiccups could include things such as some small delays with cashouts while the actual ownership transfer of assets is occurring.  For things like this, we can only move as quickly and smoothly as a third party like Paypal allows, but we are confident that any problems will be ironed out as quickly as they arise and we will keep the community informed of any issues negatively impacting normal operation of the site as they occur.

For the long term, Cardsphere has (finally) launched and from here, the sky is the limit.  Although we understand how new management might make our users nervous, SCM was not our only choice but they were our best choice.   During this process, their team has conveyed to us time and again that they believe that Cardsphere's greatest assets are the dedicated community and unique trade flow that make getting cards here a hobby unto itself, and they want to do everything possible to preserve that as the site grows. We believe Cardsphere is in good hands.

Thank You

It has been a wonderful 6 years since Fight Club opened and we can't thank everyone in the community enough for the trust and support you've given us along the way, and especially to those that screamed the loudest when we thought the doors would close for good.  Your refusal to go quietly into the night is what drew the attention of those that could give Cardsphere a second life.  Thank you.

As this may be the last time we stand atop the soap box that you helped us build, we offer you and all the new people that are soon to join one last wistful and heartfelt "Welcome to Cardsphere, I Love You."