As of today, we have a Masters set with the highest MSRP, craziest reprints, and its own special sort of promo. With all these changes, how can we know if Ultimate Masters is worth it? Markus Leben is here to set the record straight.

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This week we are taking a glance at one of the most powerful cards printed for Modern in the last few years, `Collected Company`, and its place in two of Magic's most iconic tribes (and maybe a bonus "Tribe" at the end).

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Kicking off his new regular column, Andrew from Tier Fun takes a look at some spicey Modern lists.

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(First a quick introduction: I'm thrilled to be joining Cardsphere as a resident blogger. I have been streaming MTG on Twitch every weekday for almost eighteen months and have participated in two Streamer Showdowns on that platform. My first game of MTGO was my first stream, and I've streamed…

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