Using Anchors to Build Better Sends

Ted Rodney • November 11, 2017

Thanks to ExoticMTG’s new videos and some conversations with new users, I’ve gained a lot of insight this week into what Cardsphere is like for noobs. I’m mostly happy with the results. I think most aspects of how to use the platform are self-explanatory, and the new tutorials seem to help as well.

However, it seems to me that there’s a lot of tips and tricks that could be better communicated, so here I am. I’ll start off with what I consider to be the most imortant one: using anchor cards to build the best packages.

On the Sends page, configure the package controls to Hide Offers Under 81% (or an amount you choose). Set the other controls to your personal preferences. This means none of your packages will include offers for cards that are below that threshold. When you do so, you’re left with packages that are good “anchors” -- ones where you know you’re getting enough value to send. My configuration:


Notice, when I click Review on one of the packages, I’m still not shown any cards where the offer is less than 81%.


This is where there’s room for improvement. Now that I know I’m getting enough value sending cards out to this user, I’m willing to consider attaching other cards to the package with lower offers. To do so, I want to look at my trade partner’s profile page. I can click their username on my Sending page to get there.


Packages that show up on a user’s profile work differently than those that appear on the Send page. The displayed package is still constructed to maximize Total Value, Offer % or Card Quantity based on what I have set on the Send page, but I’ll see a package no matter what country the trader is in. I’ll also see all cards, even if they are below my Hide Offers Under threshold.


Doing so, I see more cards I’m willing to send. A Fated Intervention at 45% and two Spell Pierce at 29%. I don’t want to see packages on my Sends page made up of offers like this, but I’m happy to use them as throw-ins for packages that are already good. I can often find several low value cards that would languish away in my collection otherwise.

When you commit to additional cards, if it’s within 24 hours of your first commitment, Cardsphere will merge the cards into a single package.


I find myself checking in on profiles from my Sending page quite often these days. You never know what you’ll end up being able to attach to an existing trade!

If you have any cool tips or tricks, let me know in the comments and I’ll write them up the same way.