Fallout Lands on Cardsphere!

Efren Abrego • March 7, 2024

Hello, traders!

We are happy to announce that the latest Universes Beyond crossover set, Fallout, is now available for trade!

Search the links below to find all the cards you’re looking for, no lockpick required!

Fallout - Surge Foil
Fallout - Borderless
Fallout - Borderless - Surge Foil
Fallout - Extended Art
Fallout - Extended Art - Surge Foil
Fallout - Showcase
Fallout - Showcase - Surge Foil
Fallout - Serialized

Notes about this release:

There are a few items that are currently not on the site that we are working to get added soon.  This includes:

· Some tokens
· Some cards and variants
· Promos

Please keep in mind that with the popularity of this crossover IP, we are expecting a lot of activity and interest in these cards from the Magic community, and that means wild swings in prices as these cards finally get into the hands of players.   Please make sure to keep an accurate want list/available inventory and make sure that your price limits and floors are set.

Remember, a price change alone is never a valid reason to cancel or dispute a trade.

Thanks and happy looting!