At Cardsphere we know that we're very lucky. We're a small platform, grassroots company that grew up organically from the Magic community. We don't have corporate overlords or investors telling us what to do, so we pretty much get to do whatever we want, responsible only to our community.

And as soon as we saw Pixie Kitten Plays, we knew that we wanted to sponsor her, and since today is her birthday, and I thought I'd take a moment and explain why.

I like to say that Magic is more than just a game. It's a framework upon which many, many games have been developed. This goes further than Limited or Constructed, and beyond EDH, Modern, Cube, or Pauper. Past paper or digital. There are so many games that exist within Magic that we often forget to consider the less obvious ones like MTG finance, trading, and cosplay when we think about what it means to "play Magic."

Although at times it can seem secondary to many, people also play Magic to have fun! You only need to watch Pixie Kitten for a few seconds before it hits you: This is someone who knows how to have fun. She's making big splashes in the community by having a great time, completely unfazed by being a casual in a way we haven't seen since Good Luck, High Five was Magic: the Amateuring.

In a community where we break out the pitchforks Every. Single. Week. we need warriors for happiness like Pixie Kitten out there having a good time, reminding us older players of what's really important, and why we started playing Magic in the first place. Best of all, she's not just having fun -- she's also one of the funniest people in Magic.

Flame war on Twitter got you down? Lose $100 on a risky spec? Play like crap during the big tournament?

Watch her stream and you'll forget all about it. And streaming is only secondary to her, with her fortay being the creation of the most genuinely funny videos on the topic of Magic: The Gathering. Her videos are fresh and unapologetically casual focused while dual weilding self-awareness and self-deprication in a way that is as endearing as it is hilarious.

This is why in such a short time she's accomplished so much. Like landing a sponsorship (such as it is) with fewer than 200 subscribers. Like being asked to become part of the cast of Tin Street Hooligans after hilarious guest appearances. Like getting the Professor in on one of her funniest videos. Like being a featured streamer on the mothership today, alongside Trading Posts limited columnist and Cardsphere-sponsored LordTupperware.


And it's why we've been proud to be her sponsor since day one.

Happy Birthday PKP

She and I played a game on stream this week. I wasn't recording so I can't share my uproarious laughter, but my wife (who was trying to sleep) is prepared to enter testimony into the record. Pixie Kitten's so animated, so excited, and so much fun to play with, that I just had to share it with you.

Happy Birthday, Pixie Kitten!