Despite the fact that we're very proud of Cardsphere's growth so far, we recognize that for many new users, the way we structure our market seems a bit unusual. After all, most people are used to purchasing cards right away when they want them. Making an offer and waiting for a seller to fulfill it is the reverse of how most transactions work.

However, we know our system works when people are making reasonable offers for cards. In fact, as previously reported, 58% of people who put cash into the system do so more than once. So we're feeling confident enough to offer new users a money-back guarantee.

How does it work?

We will waive the 10% cash out fee that is normally applied for users under the following conditions:

  • Your account is less than 30 days old
  • You didn't get any cards committed to you
  • You had active Wants for at least 5 days
  • Your offers were realistic


If your account is less than 30 days old, you'll see a Money back button on your ledger. Click it. Fill out the amount you're requesting back (up to $100.00) and click Continue.

What makes offers "realistic"?

Well, you sure can't expect to get a Black Lotus for five bucks.

Offers are considered reasonably competitive if they are within the published values for 50% of committed trades for the card's price range. Referring back to our market data dashboard, during this period if you had a Want for a card between $25 and $50, your offers are realistic above 75%.


Does this cover funds from sent cards?

No, the guarantee only covers funds you added to your account using a payment card.

Where can I read more about this?

Pretty much all the relevant details are here, but if you're a new user considering Cardsphere, you should probably review our Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, you can usually find the Cardsphere team lurking in our Discord server, or you can contact us using the options in the footer of the main site.