At Cardsphere, we understand what it's like throwing your all into one of your passions. That makes us love all those LGS owners and staff out there, and when we have an opportunity to spotlight an LGS that uses Cardsphere, we take it. Some of our LGS community members send, some use Cardsphere as their buylist, and many do both.

When I found out that Ellison J Horacek had signed up to plug his shop, The Geekery, into the Cardsphere ecosystem, we got to talking and I asked him to introduce us all to the Geekery.

Take it away, Ellison!

The Geekery

The Geekery opened November 12th 2014 with the simple goal of providing a place for fun. We focus on being a store for gamers. A place where people can play the games they love.


The main games people like to play at our store are magic, miniature games, and board games. Since we opened, we have expanded our space several times, most recently adding 1500 square feet of additional game space to host larger events! We continue to grow and are excited for where our store is heading.


Over the years we have used a number of distributors to get our customers products. We have used TCGplayer's buylist feature to get our customer cards, however we have recently found that we can get our customer's cards faster, and cheaper using Cardsphere.


It's been a great service, one we hope to continue using to grow our business!

Thanks Cardsphere.