A Pledge for Wedge

Ted Rodney • June 16, 2018

As many of you have already heard, Wedge from The Mana Source needs help. In Las Vegas for the GP, he was rushed to the hospital where it was determined that he needs a very expensive surgery to correct herniated discs in his spine. His sister Ashlee has started a GoFundMe to help cover the medical bills.

Which will be substantial. As I write this, the GoFundMe is already at near $30,000.00, but there's still a long way to go to hit that $150,000.00.

Cardsphere wants to help.

I don't know Wedge personally. But I have been watching his videos for years, and I appreciate the effort that he has put into the greater Magic community. Not only does he make great content, but I also have much admired how open he has been about his struggles with anxiety problems.

Clearly, whether you agree with his points of view or not, this is a person putting himself out there, trying to make our community better.

And yes, there has been a lot of diviseness in our community over the last year. Sometimes there has been healthy discussion, sometimes it has been... something else. But right now is not one of those times to hold stubbornly onto allegiances and arguments; now is the time to be better than that.

Now is the time to help.

For our part, Cardsphere is going to donate 100% of the proceeds of all Premium memberships purchased over the next week to the GoFundMe. We'll also be making corporate and personal donations, too. Edit: We will additionally donate all trade fees collected between June 16th and 23rd to the cause.

I'd like to call on all the other Magic related services, content producers, and businesses to do the same. We need to come together and help one of our own.

Please help if you can.

Thank you.