It's that most wonderful time of the year and I've got some holiday cheer in mind for today! This isn't your usual Magic: the Gathering article about how to build the most optimized [insert format name here] deck of all time or which cards are super cheap right now that YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO PICK UP BEFORE EVERYONE CATCHES ON!!!!

I literally don't care about those things, so I'm certainly not going to write about them. Apparently, what I do care about is 'Which Magic: the Gathering elves would make the best workers in Santa's Workshop', so here we are.

After scouring Scryfall for every single elf creature type card, reading and analyzing the art of each and every one of them, I've narrowed it down to my top five. Now, we all know that Santa's elves are cheerful, hard-working, and take pride in making toys all year long for Santa to get all the credit. That really says something about their character! Maybe they should start a union... but that's a whole other topic.

Anyways, many elves from Magic were immediately discounted because they're either too violent or just downright creepy:

Is that an elf or a dwarf?? And poor snek elf. People are just creeped out by it :(

I'm sorry to have to be the one to say this, but no one wants a part snake elf working in Santa's workshop, Coiling Oracle. It just doesn't exactly conjure images of good tidings and cheer.

There several good runner up options for elves who could be good in Santa's workshop, like Elvish Rejuvenator. This elf just has the ability to touch an object and rejuvenate it, so we could have some toy recycling going on at the workshop. Seems like a win to me.

This ability looks pretty useful, in more ways than one!

Another good runner up might be Fyndhorn Elder. But I think that this elf is probably getting veryyy close to retirement and not exactly looking to start a new career in Santa's workshop, so didn't quite make top five.

This elf would give all the kids Werther's candies in their stockings...

Now that we've considered some of the elves that aren't quite right for Santa's workshop, let's get down to our actual top five.

5. Elvish Piper

Put an elf hat and boots on this lady, and she's the spitting image of a Christmas elf!

Everyone knows that elves love to sing and dance while making toys, so Elvish Piper is a perfect fit for Santa's Workshop!

4. Wellwisher

You're not going to need that staff or armor in Santa's workshop!

I'm not sure if this elf can grant wishes or if she is just extremely giving, but either way that makes for a great elf for Santa's workshop. If she's actually out here granting wishes, then I'm sure she'd be a huge help to Santa by keeping up with all the good kids (and adults) on the nice list!

My grown-up Christmas list

3. Rune-Cervin Rider


This elf is essentially RIDING A FLYING REINDEER. What more needs to be said??!

2. Highspire Artisan

This looks like a toy I would have legit loved as a child.

Santa's elves help with a lot of different things at the North Pole, but their biggest responsibility is making toys and Highspire Artisan is literally doing that right there on the card. This elf NEEDS to be working in Santa's workshop!

1. Mayael the Anima

This is the opposite of an ugly Christmas sweater!

You may be thinking, "I wasn't into the topic of the article at first, but Pixie you made some really logical points about the elves in this list being perfect for Santa's workshop and it's growing on me. However, I'm not sure about how Mayael fits into this list??" Well listen up! Mayael has a LITERAL CHRISTMAS WREATH ON THEIR HEAD. So they got the number 1 spot on the list! Duh!

'Elvish House Party'

And there you have it, folks. My picks for the top five elves from Magic: the Gathering for Santa's workshop! It's not the top five list the magic community asked for but it's the one they deserve.

Lastly, I want to wish everyone a very happy, safe, and healthy holiday however you celebrate!