Hello, traders!

We're happy to announce that The Brothers' War is available for trade, just in time for prerelease!  But before we link you to the good stuff lets talk about those serialized cards.

For the first time in MTG, we've got serialized cards in booster packs:

At time of writing, they are not tradable.  Right now, the plan is that, should we be able to gather enough data, we will have (Serialized) sets for both the retro artifacts and schematic sets that will have one entry for each card to represent XXX/500 and it will be up to users to work out any deals they might want to for hilarious numbers like 69 and 420.

Should we not be able to source pricing data for these, we will likely allow them to be traded in the same way we allow signed cards or alters: a private trade between two traders with photos and details shared within Cardsphere chat for admins to review if necessary.

Now, on to the good stuff:

Where to find BROs, BOTs, and everything in between

The Brothers' War
The Brothers' War - Borderless
The Brothers' War - Extended Art
The Brothers' War - Retro Artifacts
The Brothers' War - Retro Artifacts (Schematic)

The Brothers' War Commander
The Brothers' War Commander - Extended Art

Transformers - Shattered Glass

Things we know are missing (and will add whenever possible):

-Random foils of various cards
-Some basic lands
-Promo Pack cards
-The List -  The Brothers' War
-Bundle promos
-Launch promos

That's it for now!  If you wish to be updated when the missing items are added or any other new cards are available, we invite to join us on Discord where we post regular updates any time there are new cards to trade.

We'll see you very soon for some exciting news about the site!