Hey all you Pauper fans out there in Pauper land! We've all been to game night at someone's house ya? We all have that one friend who has converted a bedroom into a game room and has 63 board games to choose from. The idea is to invite everyone over for a long night of learning new games and revisiting old favorites. At some point, the group starts bringing their own games or rotating locations. When it became my turn to decide what we'd play, the decision was clear - Magic: The Gathering!

One problem though, our playgroup is 8-12 people, and we can't all play with my 2 Modern decks and some janky combo decks from Extended 1.5. We definitely can't teach new folks how to play using them.

Enter the battle box, a big ol' box of Magic decks that are on similar power levels as the other decks in the box. The Pauper card pool has over 7,700 cards to choose from, and they're mostly cheap as dirt.

So, what decks should I build? It's quite easy to find the current top-8 Pauper decks and plenty of articles and insights for them. This isn't a bad place to start if you want a high-powered battle box. These decks can cost $35-$60, which is cheap by competitive MTG standards, however you may not want to drop a few hundred dollars on game night. How many other deck lists exist? Plenty!

There are a few resources out there which host deck lists for battle boxes, however it takes some digging through reddit threads and tappedout collections to find them. Last fall as I was learning web development, I thought I'd try my hand at building a website which organized Pauper deck lists into battle boxes of similar power levels. Fast forward a few hundred git commits and here we are: PauperBattleBox.com This is my first major offering to the MTG community, and I plan to grow it into something special and useful for all you Pauper fans.

What's the best way to get cards for these decks? Cardsphere obviously! Its really easy to acquire commons at low cost. This month I received 347 cards at an average Offer of 50.07% off of an average of $0.74 Index price. This is an extremely affordable way to pack that box full of decks.

Thanks so much to the Cardsphere staff for the partnership!

Questions? Comments? Love it? Hate it? Want your Pauper content featured? Find me in the Discord!