HollowVines: The Opportunity Cost of Explosiveness vs. Consistency

Many of you remember the SCG Deck Tech just after Hour of Devastation's release of Hollow One that skyrocketed Gruul Vengevine to popularity. I had always thought of Vengevine as a fun card, but unfortunately had…

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Analyzing Rivals of Ixalan Limited

How fast is Rivals of Ixalan Limited? Let's run the numbers and try to find out!

5 Min Read

Rivals of Ixalan Quick Picks

The cards that the Cardsphere team are most interested in from the upcoming Rivals of Ixalan.

6 Min Read

What's Wrong with This Picture?

Join Josh as he talks about bullding Momir Basic in paper.

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Raising Kids on Magic

“Normal” Games What games do “normal” families play? If you watch commercials, you get a sense that you should have a family game night each week and pull out a trusty board game. One of those all time favorites that lack strategy, challenge and have more randomness than the…

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The Eternalist: The Long Road Home

Howdy folks! For those of you who don’t know who I am, allow me a moment to introduce myself. My name’s Joe Dyer, and my favorite formats in all of Magic: the Gathering are Legacy and Vintage! These eternal formats resonate with what I love about the game…

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2017: Year In Review

The Site Cardsphere was only an idea in 2016, so there's an awful lot of ground to cover when reviewing 2017. This was the year everything became real. It's been busy. All-consuming at times, but most of all very rewarding. Not only because we did what many people…

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Secret Santa 2017 Wrap-Up

The results are in and Cardsphere's first annual Secret Santa is a resounding success! A few weeks ago my wife was teasing me for talking to my Internet friends on my headset. “Are you sure they’re real? How do you know them so well?” Her questions were answered…

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Pauper Deck Tech: Golem Eggs

If you're not familiar with Mark Rosewater's seminal Making Magic story Timmy, Johnny, and Spike, go read it now. Seriously, you need to know this stuff. This post will be here when you get back. All right. I'm a classic Johnny, I love the jank. I love the…

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Technology, on the Stack

Following Ted's advice I'm taking a short break from writing code... to write an article about writing code. Story of my life. My day job involves coding. It's a great workplace but there's only so much satisfaction I can get from a job where I'm told what to do.

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