Modern Horizons II Available for Trade

Efren Abrego • June 11, 2021

Hello traders!

We normally send out an email blast and post in both our Discord and our subreddit whenever we have added new or missing sets to Cardsphere and we will continue to do that, but going forward we'll make a post here on the blog so that anyone browsing here or on has a better chance of seeing what is new and exciting on the site.

This time around it's Modern Horizons II, and just like with other sets over the last year or two, there are plenty of variants and special card treatments for you to collect and for us to somehow get onto Cardsphere in a cohesive manner.

Like I do with the Discord pinned post and the reddit post, I'll be coming back to update this blog post any time something missing has been added.  

A Note About Prices

The prices for Modern Horizons II are already extremely volatile.  This is the most expensive set that Wizards of the Coast has ever released and the card prices are all over the place.  Given the price following nature of Cardsphere, every time a new set is released, our prices fluctuate around 12-24hrs behind the market, and it's for this reason that it's very important to maintain an accurate want list, understanding that a majority of these card prices will drop dramatically between now and time of release.  These price drops are not a valid reason to cancel a trade.  

Conversely, a price spike is not a valid reason to refuse to mail a card after you've committed to send it.  

Admins have and will continue to remove people from the service that create negative experiences by not fulfilling committed trades as either a sender or a receiver.  Apply the golden rule first and foremost when trading on Cardsphere.

Modern Horizons II

Links below are where you can find both Modern Horizons II cards as well as extras like bundle and buy a box promos:

Modern Horizons 2

Modern Horizons 2 Borderless

Modern Horizons 2 Etched Foil

Modern Horizons 2 Extended Art

Modern Horizons 2 Retro Frame

Modern Horizons 2 Retro Frame Etched Foil

The List - Modern Horizons 2

Sanctum Prelate Buy a Box Promo:

Fabled Passage Love Your LGS Promo:

Yusri, Fortune's Flame Bundle Promo:  

Please note that the timeshifted reprints from Modern Horizons appearing in Modern Horizons 2 are not technically part of the MH2 set (or any set) but can be found along with the other retro frame cards in the Modern Horizon 2 Retro Frame set.

Known issues and missing items:

These items are on our to-do list for the short term.  As with anything, they will be added as soon as we can find reliable, dynamic pricing and correct images to go along with it.  

  • A handful of cards from The List -  Modern Horizons 2
  • Pre-release Promos
  • Double Sided Tokens
  • Various individual cards  

Known Issues:

  • Some prices are not populated
  • Some images are not populated
  • Some cards have also created new card pages that we will be fixing/merging once all the pricing is in place, for example Fire //  Ice.  

We will be revisiting this post as we get these things added and fixed, so if you're after something that is missing, bookmark it and check back and we'll have updated links when necessary.