It's Happening!

Josh Moore • January 25, 2018

(This is the 2nd post in a series of articles. Check out the first one here if you haven't already.)

Cardsphere, I've seriously underestimated you.

Last week I had 548 cards in my Wants, and enough funds to cover their cost. My plan was to unpause and slowly accumulate cards, in random order, from other traders as they came in. I'd have plenty of time to assess each card's power level, add it to the spreadsheet, play test, and overall enjoy the process of building.

This second article was supposed to highlight the first few packages I'd received and talk about how random the card pool was becoming.

Nope. Within 2 hours of unpausing my Wants, I'd had 449 cards committed. 4 days later it was up to 526, leaving my Wants list fairly empty. Cardsphere, you da real MVP.


As you can see, checking the mail has been exciting! I have a lot of work ahead of me with cataloging these cards and balancing the overall power level, however I felt like it was time for an update. Let's check out some of the great Momir cards that have come in:


Cards that boost your mana producing capacity each turn are powerful in the early game.


Basically, when Jadelight Ranger enters the battlefield, you draw 2 lands. Not bad.


Deathrite Shaman has a home in every BG deck on the planet, though its last 2 abilities are moot in Momir.


I mean, let's have some fun here! What could be more fun than an Adorable Kitten?


All right, now we're beginning to get abusive with Boldwyr Heavyweights. An 8/8 with trample and no way for your opponent to capitalize on the down side!


At a certain point, you have to stop playing lands because you've been discarding them. Oh, I'll play some of your lands? Thanks!


You'll be able to spam this card for a few turns and reward yourself later with a massive influx of lands. The Timmy side of me dreams of putting 12+ lands into play and being able to drop...


Alright, back to data entry.

Sadly, not all of the creatures in my Momir Pile can be uber powerful. If they were all amazingly strong, none of them would be. I'm working towards a 65/25/10 ratio of Good/Great/Busted power levels. So if you activate the Momir ability at 3 CMC, you're 65% likely to create something like Veteran Warleader. You have a 25% chance of activating into the power level of Royal Assassin, and a 10% chance of gaining a nearly unfair advantage by creating something like Ramunap Excavator. Yeah, it's busted. I can't wait to play it!

So far, most of the creatures at 10+ CMC are Great or Busted. Should I try to balance this region of the cost spectrum, or leave it as the powerful reward it is? Leave your thoughts below, or come find me in discord.