Development Update: Share Your Inventory

Efren Abrego • January 28, 2021

Good evening, traders!

Building on last time when we introduced changes to the appearance and function of other users' Wants, Cardsphere has now been updated with an equivalent feature for browsing someone else's inventory. Simply visit a user's profile, and switch to the Inventory tab to see what they have.

Collapsible filters are available, and of course you can sort the results by any column you wish.

We understand that not everyone will want to share this information, and so there's a new control on your Settings page you can use to opt in. The default behavior for users will not change; your Haves will remain private until you choose to make them public.

Only cards marked Active will be shown. Paused cards are automatically removed for the Inventory tab other users will see on your profile. Also, when you are in vacation mode, the tabs on your profile are hidden.

That's it for this update, everyone!  We have more good stuff coming soon, so keep an eye on this space. As always, you can also subscribe to our subreddit, follow us on Twitter, or join the Discord server. Keep up the communication and let us know what you think!