Not long ago Ted asked me if I was interested in writing about (checks notes), "irritating commanders and cards that hose them.” I stewed on it for a bit. At first I wasn’t sure how I wanted approach this. Who am I to decide which commanders are more irritating…

7 Min Read

Johnny SLivers may have a crush on Tibalt, but he loves loads of the cards in War of the Spark. Which ones will be joining your 99s?

8 Min Read

Johnny Slivers has a unique take on a deck tech this month, demonstrating we build our decks for all kinds of reasons. This is Mayael, in Memorium.

5 Min Read

With Magic Arena bringing all kinds of users to the game, Johnny Slivers wants to make sure there's a clear path to EDH/Commander.

7 Min Read

I love red magic. I really do. “Deal Three Damage” will always be the three most important words in the history of Magic the Gathering as far as I’m concerned. But I tossed this, my deepest held conviction, aside and instead chose to try and break Aminatou, the…

10 Min Read

Johnny Slivers ruminates on playing cards that are right for everyone, and how to go about figuring that out.

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