2021 Cardsphere Secret Santa Wrap Up

Josh Moore • December 29, 2021

As with every year, the world of Magic: The Gathering looks completely different than a year ago, and the same can be said for Cardsphere's Secret Santa. So, we will talk about the usual stats and gifts further down, however I want to start with a story:

I received a message from my friend, a comic/card shop owner, saying to call him; it’s about a problem with the package I shipped. He knew I was sending a copy of his newly published comic, but how did he know there was a problem? It was marked as received 5 days prior. So I called him and he told me that a comic book shop with the same name from Texas (we’re from Pennsylvania) said he was delivered a package that was missing the label. Apparently, USPS had read the letter I wrote to my recipient, found the link I had left to my friend’s comic shop in case they wanted to continue reading the story, and then looked up the store’s name in hopes the owner could redirect it to the right person. Luckily, these shops have been in communication before, both having accidentally received packages intended for the other. Since the owner was a good guy, he offered to ship it directly to my recipient thus saving Secret Santa for us!

Check out these shops and support a great group of folks:



  • 51 participants this year
  • Just over 40% were first time Santas!
  • 6 countries represented (Canada, USA, Switzerland, Australia, UK, Texas)
  • 2/3 of Cardsphere staff members participated
  • Furthest distance a gift travelled: Australia to Texas 8,910 miles (14.256 km)
  • Shortest distance a gift travelled: Adrian to Owosso 76 miles (121 km)
  • Items appearing most in "Interests" other than MTG: Brandons Sanderson, Warhammer 40K, DnD, that one guy keeps mentioning Manchester United
  • Number of users who sent more than one gift because he's a great guy and loves to spread joy: 1 - The true hero of Secret Santa
  • Santa is a Liverpool fan
  • Kevin is the patron saint of #secretsanta
  • Batman Returns is a Christmas movie
  • Love Actually is a Christmas movie
  • Gremlins is the BEST Christmas movie
  • As always, Die Hard is not a Christmas movie, CHECK THE PINS!



A powdered wig and a gavel to use when I’m judging events and some Tennessee honey pecans because I’m into whiskeys!

We'll see you next year!