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2018 Cardsphere Secret Santa Wrap Up

I'm consistently amazed by the goodwill and trust that humans have for each other, however I probably shouldn't be. It would be easy to say that we live in a cruel world marred by malevolence and that good deeds are a rarity. Though the world can be chaotic, humans have an intrinsic drive to make that world a better place. Proof? 48 people from around the planet signed up to exchange gifts with each other. Yes, they knew they'd also be getting a gift, and yes, they had a general idea of what it would be. That's not what's important. These folks signed up make the world a nicer place to be.


  • 48 participants (23% more than last year)
  • 6 countries represented, 7 including TX
  • 2/3 Cardshpere staff participated
  • Gifts traveled a total distance of 88136 mi/141076 km
  • Furthest distance sent: 9985 mi/15976 km Kyle in Ohio to Alan in Australia
  • Shortest distance sent: 3.61 mi/5.78 km rtennyson in Minneapolis to Bodey in Robbinsdale

Alright, the best part, the gifts!


Thanks again to everyone who put their name in the hat, we'll see you next year, or maybe at the TX Cardsphere meet up this spring!

Josh Moore

Josh Moore

Started playing in 2002 with Onslaught and 8ED. Currently playing Elves, 8Rack, and anything GBx in Modern. I love BBQ, beer, craft cocktails, Texas, and the back porch. Find me in discord anytime!

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