Hello readers! I'm Pixie Kitten, founding member of that elite book club, the Multiverse Literary Society. Today we're bringing you our very first book review! We are reviewing a new audio version of the book The Thran, written by J. Robert King, narrated by Coach of the Card Bazaar on YouTube. He has completed an unofficial audio book of the entire novel with each chapter as a different video. I've invited a prominent member of the Magic the Gathering community, Eric Williamson to talk with us about the project!

Pixie: What's this whole audio book thing about?

Eric: Coach was looking around at our content creation community, and realized that many of the classic novels published in the earlier years of Magic have been covered in shorter, more summarized videos, but no complete reading has ever been done. While many players may have heard of Yawgmoth and the Thran, some may have only experienced those names through the Sagas in Dominaria, and may not be familiar with the story behind who they were and how pivotal of a role they played within the multiverse.

P: When would be a good time to listen to it?

E: Personally, I have been listening while prepping my shop for the work day, but there are plenty of great times in the day to listen. Coach has broken down the book into chapters, ranging from 8 to 20 minutes each, making squeezing in an episode (or 3) very doable. So morning commutes, daytime errand running, or in the evening while throwing down a 12/12 Phyrexian Dreadnought to Fling at your opponent’s dome, any time is a good time to give it a listen!


P: How would you describe the vocals of the reading?

E: Coach voiced every character himself throughout the story, from Glacian to Dyfed, Gix to Rubbec, and did a fantastic job, as well! You can really tell how much time and love he put into each character as well as the overall narration. And his Yawgmoth depiction and voicing is spot on, as you watch his decent into evil. He's truly brought life to a wonderful piece of our MTG lore and history.

P: Would you recommend our readers listen to this audio-book?

E: Absolutely, without any hesitation. Coach truly did J. Robert King’s book great justice, and I hope our MTG community all get opportunity to enjoy this powerful and gripping depiction Coach has performed!

P: Where could anyone find this audio book?

E: Well, YouTube, of course! Coach has made a handy-dandy playlist of all the episodes, and you can find that right here!

And as long as you’re visiting, why not check out his Magic the Gathering Timeline video, and throw him a thumb’s up and a sub, as well!

Well, there you have it folks! A huge thank to Eric for his glowing recommendation for The Card Bazaar's unofficial audio book, The Thran. Be sure to check it out and let Coach know the Multiverse Literary Society sent you! Happy reading.... erm, listening!