The Best Commander Cards From Lord of the Rings - Part One

Andy Zupke reviews the legendary creatures from Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth -- which cards are Commanders and which are better in the 99?

7 Min Read

LTR Limited Vectors

Ben Fischer returns to look at the synergies in Tales of Middle-earth Limited. What vectors should you be looking to play along?

4 Min Read

Pia, the Thoptometrist - A Deck Tech

Andy Zupke builds out a 99 for the latest card featuring Pia Nalaar. Let the thopters fly!

8 Min Read

The New Rule of Three

What does the new 3 year Standard and the new ban policy mean for Magic finance? What new reprint products could they signal? Cliff Daigle speculates on these questions ahead the next WotC announcement.

512 Min Read

The Aftermath Review

Andy is back with with some king size opinions on Magic's fun size set. Check out his Commander review for March of the Machine: The Aftermath.

7 Min Read


Sieges are an interesting new wrench tossed into the usual combat machine. As an entirely new card type, they can be tricky to evaluate. With the help of some magic data, we can establish some rules to help us assess Battles in MOM and in the future.

7 Min Read

March of the Machine Review Part 2

Andy is back with the second part of the March of the Machine review. He's covered battles, here's how the rest of the set has to offer EDH players.

12 Min Read

Serialized Cards Means Cheaper Singles

Cliff Diagle examines what the impact of serialized cards on your Magic Finance behavior should be, and shares what's known about the numbers.

3 Min Read

Cardsphere Picks: March of the Machine

As the Phyrexian machine marches on, it's up to the Cardsphere staff and community members to make some picks for their favorite cards in the upcoming set.

7 Min Read

March of the Machine is Here!

March of the Machine is now available on Cardsphere!

2 Min Read